NOV 2014 - Sports Medicine Australia

Sometimes the Hardest Thing is asking for Help

South Pacific Private’s role in recognising, assessing & providing treatment for addictions & mental health challenges

Since 2013, South Pacific Private has worked in a close relationship with the Rugby Union Players Association (RUPA) to support both their Player Development Managers and their players. What began as providing training to the Player Development Managers on recognising the signs of addiction and depression in players, has flourished into a really valuable and meaningful working relationship where the two have been able to support each other to ensure better education for players and other support staff (not sure this is the correct term), heightened awareness around symptoms and behaviours, as well as treatment where it’s needed.

What is the treatment pathway for depression, anxiety and / or addictions? South Pacific Private prides itself on providing tailored and unique treatment plans specific to each individual. They are aware of the specific requirements that elite players have related to their performance requirements and unique timetables and more and are able to accommodate them.

Specifically – South Pacific Private are aware of the pressures and stresses that players are exposed to as part of their sporting daily lives. They are aware of the unique tensions and expectations placed upon players as well as the highs and lows of training, injuries, selection, travel, performance, media and lifestyle.

They are also aware of the unusual situation that new and often young players find themselves in regarding a number of factors; their new heightened financial situation, relationships and partners, family systems, the strain of relocation and travel and so on. 

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