Dealing with Grief

The reality is we live in a Western world that lacks openness and discourages vulnerability. Particularly in Australia, our culture of bravado encourages us to ‘get on with it’ and have a ‘stiff upper lip’. The ‘Aussie Battler’ label does not give emotional or spiritual support to those grieving.This leaves many of us unprepared for how to give support to those going through the grieving process. Whether it’s a friend, family member or colleague, everyone, at some stage, will grieve.

When faced with someone else’s grief, it’s common to feel awkward about what to say. You may even internally question, “What could I possibly say? What if I say the wrong thing? What if they break down in front of me?”

Grief is not restricted to the death of a person, but extends to the physical upheaval of leaving a home or school, leaving or losing a job, facing health issues, or retirement.

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Author: Simone Allan

Simone Allan is a Consumer and Carer Advisory Committee member at South Pacific Private, Australia’s leading mental health and addiction treatment facility. Their Consumer and Carer Advisory Committee comprises both past patients and carers who are involved in, and advise on, issues that relate to both clients, their carers and their family members.