FEB 2015 - Chronic Pain the Cycle of Suffering

Las Vegas Recovery Center’s Dr. Mel Pohl to Speak at Two Upcoming Chronic Pain Conferences in Sydney, Australia

On March 3, 2105, Dr. Mel Pohl will present at two South Pacific Private sponsored events centered on “Chronic Pain and the Cycle of Suffering” and “Co-Occurring Chronic Pain and Addiction.” The forum on chronic pain will feature an expert panel of thought leaders, while the dinner and discussion on co-occurring chronic pain features Dr. Pohl as a guest speaker.

Las Vegas, Nevada; Sydney, Australia - Dr. Mel Pohl, Vice President of Medical Affairs at Central Recovery and Medical Director of Las Vegas Recovery Center, will be a speaker at two upcoming conferences to be held in Sydney, Australia. Both events are sponsored by South Pacific Private treatment center and are scheduled to take place on March 3, 2015.

The first event, "Forum on Chronic Pain, Diagnosis, Treatment Planning, and Prescribed Medication Misuse,” will be held from 1:00–4:30 p.m. at the Holmes Room, Sutherland Building, Sydney University. The forum will feature a panel of experts, including Dr. Pohl, who will discuss the challenges faced by individuals with chronic pain. The panel of international experts will each bring their unique perspectives and years of expertise to the discussion. Dr. Pohl and his colleagues will tackle the tough issues surrounding this topic, including identifying conditions and offering effective treatment for patients. 

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