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Beachwood Supported Living - Supporting Ongoing Recovery -10th January 2017

The team at South Pacific Private are very excited about a brand new initiative that launched in 2016– Beachwood Supported Living.

“Thanks so much to all the Beachwood support workers, they really helped my transition from SPP. Thanks for sharing all your unique wisdom and gifts.’’

Treating clients with addictions, mood disorders and trauma related conditions can be very challenging and demanding, especially in times of crisis.

Beachwood provides the opportunity to prioritise a commitment to recovery for individuals in recovery from these conditions. Research has proven that if we can surround ourselves with ongoing group and individual therapy, with 12 step meeting attendance and participation, in a safe and supportive environment, we give ourselves the best chance to make our recovery a reality. 













The Beachwood sober living home and program encompasses compulsory daily programs where residents have a chance to continue to grow and develop their skills, engage in group therapy and continue along their recovery journey.

Numerous research studies have proven that the best chance to support ongoing recovery with reduced incidences of relapse is predicated by ongoing participation in a long-term recovery planBeachwood is a residential supported living facility for those who need ongoing treatment whilst transitioning from inpatient back into their daily lives, or for anyone who is struggling in their Recovery.

Beachwood offers residents:

-      Full accommodation including meals and amenities

-      A 6 day intensive program

-      Access to the hospital

-      Daily house meetings and evening debriefs

-      Attendance at  local 12 Step meetings

-      Private rooms for agreed length of stay (minimum of 7 nights)

-      Daily supervised beach walks / yoga

Beachwood is also the ideal set-up for those in recovery who are based interstate, overseas or regionally and can’t access ongoing day or evening programs due to geographical barriers but who are committed to their ongoing recovery plan. 

The property is lovely, with gorgeous ocean views and lots of comfortable communal space. It will offer 10 beds (in private rooms) and will be staffed around the clock by SPP staff supporting residents in their recovery and to help manage the complexities of shared living. 


“Recovery Fundamentals” is a package of day programs, running Monday to Saturday every week that will allow residents utilising the Beachwood accommodation service to make the most of their extra couple of weeks in the area and engaged in treatment at SPP. We are so excited about this, as we know that extending a client’s engagement with treatment significantly improves their chances of recovery.

Day programs are covered by private health insurance, and as with inpatient treatment, SPP is proud to be contracted with nearly all the major funds meaning that there are no out of pocket expenses for clients to access this treatment. The cost of accommodation at Beachwood is not covered by health insurance though, and there will be fees for this service. Charges will include all meals, linen, cleaning and utilities. Read more about Beachwood. 

Don't just take our word for it! 

Thanks so much to all the Beachwood support workers, they really helped my transition from SPP. Thanks for sharing all your unique wisdom and gifts.’’

‘’Beachwood Staff support were wonderful.’’

‘’I feel it was most valuable to have a step-down into a less structured environment.’’

Who is Beachwood Suitable for?

·         Have completed the SPP inpatient program

·         Have completed an inpatient treatment program in another treatment centre

·         Are abstinent from alcohol and/or drugs for at least 30 days and are committed to abstinence

·         Are currently abstinent from process addiction and are committed to abstinence

·         Have a commitment to ongoing recovery and require additional support

A Beachwood pre-assessment form is included in this pack and is also available for download on our website here

For more information on Beachwood or to find out how to access this service for yourself or for your clients, please contact our intake department on 1800 063 332. You can also call our Intake Manager, Tamara Bell-Fahey, on 02 9466 6462.

You can also use the following points of contact to reach the team: